Online Packages

If you already know what the app is about, you can scroll past the video below and jump straight into the ‘sign up’ link, and join our online community right away! But if the app is new to you, and you’re only just hearing about it now, give the video a quick watch.

When you purchase the app below, our Team of trainers goto work on calculating your personal calorie intake requirement to get you to your goals.

The app is designed so you can scan the barcodes of your favourite foods and drinks or even search them in our huge database and let the app deduct the calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates from your requirements and then tell you clearly whats remaining for the day to keep you on track. MORE FREEDOM TO YOU!

Just fill in the simple form below and lets get started!


    £ 3 Per month

    • Macronutrients Calculated
    • Access to iPhone/Android App
    • Log / Track Full Workouts
    • Access to Online Content
    • Access to Food Swapper
    • Exclusive Facebook Group

Still need more convincing? How about this extra feature… thrown in FREE!

* TURN SOUND ON * BONUS FEATURE… 1000’s of exercise tutuorials