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It’s make or break time..

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Welcome to the minefield!

You’ve more than likely got to the stage where you’re asking yourself “Can I do this?” (Usually around week 3 of a lifestyle change).
You’ve been working hard and putting your faith into both your training and your nutrition, but the question still keeps coming up, perhaps you’ve caught your reflection and all of a sudden the doubt sinks in, or an item of your favourite clothing suddenly feels tighter than before… or worse – the dreaded scale weight has notched up a pound or so.


I know, I know.. you still don’t believe us. So lets break it down for you.

The photo above is a prime example, of how close you could be to your goal and throwing it away because you can’t quite see the finish line. Your goal seems so far away right now, and the hard work seems never ending with very little reward in sight.

This is where the mind almost becomes your enemy.. you have to have your own mental battle and remind yourself why you started this process, a battle is never easy, you will need to be fully aware when the negative mindset takes hold and fight back.

How do I fight back?
Fuck knows.. Obviously we can suggest the generic methods used for people to fight the battle, but the real reason needs to come from within you. You brought yourself into the challenge with a reason and a goal inside of you and this will be your secret weapon to moving forwards and remaining on track.

Are you a quitter?
Ask yourself this question, and think about it.. and I mean, really think about it..
Are you a quitter?
Did you come this far, to just quit when it gets a little tough?
Are you throwing the towel in, because its easier than putting the work in?
Don’t you want to see what you can really achieve?

You might have slipped on your nutrition a little, or missed a gym session because you couldn’t be bothered and had worked a hard shift and slowly but surely the demons slip in and you feel like you’ve already done too much damage to your results – the “Fuck it” attitude starts to dominate your thoughts.

One or two bad meals aren’t going to ruin 3 weeks of hard work, they can actually be quite a good motivator and very beneficial to your energy levels and mindset.. so don’t beat yourself up about it, choose your following meals wisely and keep battling on.

Get excited about what you can achieve.

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