Personal Trainer, Lincolnshire, UK

About Me

My name is Jonn Constable and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer/Coach. I have had a keen interest in Health and Fitness for 6 Years and I have been working with clients for many years. Over this time period I have gained incredible knowledge and skills to help me provide the best service possible to my clients to help them achieve their desired results. I have clocked up many hours working at Shape Changers Gym which has helped to improve my skills in working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, taking classes and even more recently working with them online. My clientele varies from people who want to make a lifestyle change to working with Semi-Professional Athletes. 


Check out the INCREDIBLE transformations below from just some of my clients, both working on a 1-2-1 basis
and also Online. 


See what my clients had to say after we had worked together to achieve
their results.
I originally met Jonn 18 months ago when I went to a bootcamp he ran at Shape Changers Gym. From there I progressed to weekly pt sessions and the 6 week challenge. Jonn is very knowledgable and is extremely motivated in helping you reach your goals. I have learnt and achieved so much with Jonn and would highly recommend him whatever your goals and fitness levels.
Carole Foster
1-1 Client
Can't recommend jonn enough, he's passionate, driven, knowledgeable and genuinely wants the best for each and every client.
If you're looking for an approachable, flexible, dedicated trainer who caters every session to your personal goals Jonns the pt for you.
Shanie Diane
1-1 Client
Thanks to Jonn I have now started eating regularly, working hard to push myself further than I ever thought I could go and seeing progress in my body and my mind! He has always been there at the end of a phone if I have had questions, and will always give me his help with professional opinions and direct me in the right way!
Sophie Diane
1-1 Client
Jonn really engages and connects with all his clients on a personal level within every aspect of his business, whether that be during a personal one to one training session, boot camp, tailored programs, online sessions...

The balance of civility and unique personality is what engages me to continue to progress with my own journey through JonnsBodyconditioning,
Nirvanah Parker
Online Client