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So, you’re starting one of our Transformation Challenges? Let’s get the BASICS out the way

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Firstly, congratulations on making the move and putting yourself out there – taking on a Transformation Challenge of any sorts can be nerve wracking – you’ll have asked yourself the usual questions:

“What if I don’t change?”

“Will people laugh at my photo’s”

“What should I be eating?”

“Am I Training right?”

If you wasn’t asking yourself these questions, you probably are now though (sorry, my bad).
Well, let’s try and put you at ease and set a few things straight.

“What if I don’t change?”
TRUST ME, you will change.. How soon? Well theres a few factors that will determine that but you will change and at the end, you’ll look better than you do now and thats the goal, right?

“Will people laugh at my photo’s”
Absolutely not! We wouldn’t allow it, negativity just isn’t our thing.. plus, at the end of the competition we put your before / after photos side by side and send them to you, to review before we even consider going public with them.. if you’re not comfortable with them going public, we don’t put them public.

“What should I be eating?”
This will be a whole new article, I’m sure you can appreciate the amount of content this question alone would require.. but don’t worry, its coming.
For now – depending on 
your goal:

1. Keep your protein high (make sure theres a good protein source to every meal)
2. Time your carbohydrates around your training, this often depends on the client but if Fat-Loss is the goal, I’d consume the most of my daily carbohydrate intake post workout.
3. Stay Hydrated – I can not stress the importance of keeping hydrated throughout the day, also a HUGELY under-used supplement (in my opinion) is Electrolytes.. Add these into your ‘Intra Workout’ drink – they are cheap, they are effective.. you’ll be pleasantly surprised how they effect your workouts.
4. Fats are not your enemy (as much as the supermarkets try and tell you they are) however, there are good and bad out there – stay away from high levels of Saturated Fats in your foods and don’t overthink it too much.

“Am I Training right?”
Again, this is an article for a whole other day.. it’s also quite hard writing an article that will answer that question specifically as EVERY client has a different goal – speaking 1-1 with a Trainer would always be the best way to get a more personal and accurate review on your training.. But, don’t stress it for now and just ask yourself this?

– Am I doing more in the gym than I was a few weeks ago?
– Am I consciously making the decision to attend the gym?
– Am I leaving the gym thinking I’ve pushed myself enough?

After answering those questions, you’ll know if you’re doing enough..
But remember, you are your biggest judge.

Good Luck everyone,
We’re excited to be involved.

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