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Workout Intensity

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Something we probably all overlook when it comes to working out. We all know that working to a high intensity is always going to be difficult and it can be extremely hard to force yourself to take your training to the next level.

All too often I can spend time in the gym and see a lot of people not giving it 100% in their workout, so ask yourself  “do you actually work that hard in the gym?”
My guess as brutal as it may seem is probably not…. And whys that you ask?

Well the biggest distraction I see for anyone in the gym is their phone, all too often I see people spending more time scrolling through their phone rather than putting the grind in with their workout. Before the argument of ‘I just use it for music’ comes into play I know and that is great that you are focused and in the zone…..however there is those out there who will happily jump on their phone in between every set. So how can you honestly be giving it your all in the gym if what’s going on outside is more important than what’s happening in the present.

Admit it, facebook isnt going to help you achieve that weight loss goal, instagram sure as heck isn’t going to get you a new PB.

Another thing I find is people give themselves way too much rest when working out. Have you ever considered actually timing your rests to ensure you keep your intensity high? This alone without trying to smash ‘heavy’ weights can take your workout to the next level….. So what I am saying is if you are not doing strength training then why the hell you taking 5 mins rest per set, and what the hell changed online since your last set? Someone posted a picture of their dog, that’s great and all but it isn’t going to help you focus and achieve your goal now is it?

SO… next time you are in the gym doing your sets why not give yourself a rest time of 45-60 seconds or another good idea is if you are training with someone else then you only rest whilst they are doing their set and immediately jump back into the exercise when they are done.

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